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Nikole C.
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Now’s the Time to ‘Early Invest’ in Bitcoin

Bitcoin Era is an exciting, exclusive group designed for people who appreciate the wealth they could attain from Bitcoin. We’ve taken to calling these people ‘early Bitcoin investors,’ since they invested in this cryptocurrency when it first came out and before it was popular. This was about 10 years ago. Now, many of these people are millionaires and want to share the wealth with you. Become one of them today!

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Read Testimonials from Some of Our Members

Bitcoin Era might sound a little too good to be true. We understand your concerns, but our members think highly of us. Read about their experiences and how much earnings they’ve seen solely through Bitcoin Era.

Matt J,
from Texas
made a profit of $12,923. He says,
"I never had a ton of money, so I felt inadequate or useless. With no qualifications, I still succeeded and got rich. Bitcoin Era transformed my life, and now I can look forward to early retirement and enjoying a luxury lifestyle – all because of Bitcoin!"
Janet B,
from California,
made a profit of $7,192. She says,
"I’ve only been a Bitcoin Era member for about two months, but I’ve already made large profits! My initial goal is to make it past $10,000 in profits, and I’m going to do that very soon because of Bitcoin Era. I’m so happy, and my partner and I can now afford things we never could before."
Ernest J,
from Utah,
made $10,519 in profits. Hear his story:
"I used to invest on Wall Street, but I never made this much money. Bitcoin Era used to be a sideline, but then I realized how much I was making, so I quit my full-time job and invested everything in Bitcoin Era. My coworkers thought I was crazy, but now they want to join, too!"
Jenny K,
from Texas,
made $8,519 in profits. Here is her story:
"A while ago, I got laid off from my job. I had no clue how to make ends meet and take care of my two-year-old daughter. While reading about Bitcoin, I found Bitcoin Era and decided to take a chance. That initial $250 investment had me making about $2,000 a week. Now, for the first time in a long time, my account is full, and I can be a stay-at-home mom for my daughter. I rely on Bitcoin Era, and it hasn’t let me down."

Bitcoin Era Has a Secret to Success: We Divulge Everything Below

We freely admit that you’ve got many different trading software companies to consider. Success is what you’re after, and some of them can’t deliver. Then, you’ve got Bitcoin Era. Our track record shows that we’re a very successful trading software, and we can be utilized throughout the world. Find out what makes us so unique:

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Excellent Technological Advances

You need a Bitcoin trading tool that can help you attain your goals. With Bitcoin Era, you get advanced software that no one else in the world has! Our software ensures that you are ahead of the rest of the traders out there because it gives you a lead of 0.01 seconds. Sure, it might not sound like that much when you first hear it, but that’s a huge time difference when it comes to trading cryptocurrency. Think about it for a moment! You make a decision 0.01 seconds faster than your friend, so you earn more money than them. Our software is trustworthy, consistent, and never fails you!

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Precision and Accuracy for Performance

When it comes to Bitcoin Era, you get a trading application that’s capable of accuracy and unrelenting performance. Our software is always performing anywhere between 99.4 percent and 100 percent for accuracy. Thanks to this, our members place their full trust in us to help them increase wealth. You can do that too! Plus, you can earn more wealth on Bitcoin Era when you invest more money. It’s a never-ending process that can give you the money you’ve always wanted.

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Award-Winning App for Trading

Thanks to Bitcoin Era’s excellent technology and high performance, it has won a variety of awards. The US Trading Association gave us the award for the best trading software. This recognition can only be found through balance, functionality, accuracy, quality, and performance. We have all of this and offer you access to our app.


The Bitcoin Era Profit Trade Time Cryptocurrency Result
Jessica T. $986 06/07/2018 LTC/EOS tick
Joseph M. $723 06/07/2018 ETH/LTC tick
Harry C. $1032 06/07/2018 BTC/ETH tick
Evan M. $839 06/07/2018 EOS/ETH tick
Lily C. $1201 06/07/2018 LTC/EOS tick
Lewis R. $972 06/07/2018 BTC/ETH tick
George B. $687 06/07/2018 ETH/LTC tick
Natasha R. $1129 06/07/2018 EOS/ETH tick
Matthew C. $919 06/07/2018 LTC/EOS tick
Jamie P. $1164 06/07/2018 BTC/ETH tick

The Only Three Steps You’re Going to Need

Utilizing Bitcoin Era is easy and takes three steps to complete:

Step 1: Registering

step 1

It is so easy to register! Just fill out the short form with your name, email address, and phone number! Your password is generated for you, and then you hit register and are a member of Bitcoin Era immediately. We accept your registration automatically. That way, you’re there to claim our award-winning software. Bitcoin trading has never been easier. Plus, it’s all free to join. There aren’t fees, charges, and hidden costs about which to worry.

Step 2: Financing

step 2

Successful businesses must use a little capital. We make it easy and less stressful by only requiring a small investment of $250. Of course, you’re never limited to that amount and can invest more if you want. Still, this allows you to start the process and work toward doubling and tripling your money using Bitcoin Era. Yes, it is possible to do that! Plus, the money you make, even that initial investment, is yours to keep. Consider re-investing it to earn even more profits! You can also withdraw it at any time or save it for later.

Step 3: Trade

step 3

Once you’ve added funding, just click ‘trade,’ and you’re on your way to building more wealth from Bitcoin Era. We offer two modes: Automated and Manual, and you can switch between them or choose the one that best fits your needs.

The Exciting Benefits of Being a Member

  • Pay for products with your Bitcoins to save your traditional currency.
  • Have the means to choose luxury and expensive vacation destinations.
  • Stay at luxury hotels that are usually only available to famous people who are rich.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you still have questions? We understand this and are glad to clear away all the worries and doubts you might have about Bitcoin Era and our preferred cryptocurrency – Bitcoins. We’ve put together this long list of questions that people often ask us. That way, you can get the information you need without having to contact us. However, if you still have questions or you want information about something we didn’t cover, feel free to send an email to [email protected] We are going to get back to you soon!

What Is Bitcoin?

When people use the term cryptocurrency, they often refer to Bitcoin, but it is one of many types. It’s usually called virtual or digital currency. It is just like money, but there are no central banks and administrators. You can use it just like you do cash and debit/credit as money. Purchase goods with it like you might at any store. Though it took time, many merchants now sell wares and accept cryptocurrency and money both. Traders also accept Bitcoin as currency.

You can send whole Bitcoins or part of one to someone to complete a financial transaction. The details of it are stored in a blockchain or a piece of code that cannot be altered or stolen.

What Do Bitcoins Look Like?

Bitcoins, and all cryptocurrencies, don’t look like average dollars, coins, or notes. However, they still have value and are considered real forms of payment.

A bitcoin is just like a computer file, which sits in a digital or virtual wallet. This is an app that you can download to your computer or smartphone.

What’s the Value of a Bitcoin?

Here is where Bitcoins differ from traditional money. While a US dollar is always $1, a Bitcoin’s value ever changes. When Bitcoins first came on the scene back in 2009, one bitcoin wasn’t even valued at $1. Then, in March of 2014, its value had soared to almost $700. Just a few years ago, in December of 2017, Bitcoin’s worth reached nearly $20,000. Now, Bitcoins are worth even more. We expect that, by the end of 2020, Bitcoins might be worth up to $50,000. Since the Bitcoin value continues to grow, people can become wealthy much faster.

How Does a Bitcoin Work?

Think of a Bitcoin as a block. This block is highly valuable, so you treat it gently, as you might with cash or a credit card. When you buy something with Bitcoins, you transfer that Bitcoin to the seller. They’re highly valuable because one Bitcoin might be worth hundreds or thousands of dollars. You can spend a full Bitcoin to get what you need or spend just part of it. Plus, you can exchange your Bitcoin for services, cash, and a variety of goods. The transactions are all electronic and are verified by your system or wallet.

What Are the Advantages of Using Bitcoins over Traditional Cash?

With so many reasons to use Bitcoin instead of other payment options, it’s easier to break each one down and focus on it specifically:

  • Bitcoins are more secure and safe to use than cash or debit/credit. Once they’re entered into the blockchain, no one can steal them or alter them. Therefore, the risk for identity theft is lowered.
  • Many cryptocurrencies available are not legal in some parts of the world. However, Bitcoin is allowed in the US and elsewhere.
  • Though it has taken time, merchants have caught onto the benefits of Bitcoin over traditional currency. Therefore, you can protect your cash and use the safer and more secure Bitcoin.
  • One Bitcoin is worth much more than a single dollar or note.
  • Banks and the government do not control Bitcoin. While the governments find this to be a problem, people enjoy this freedom. You’re anonymous with your bitcoin transactions and can spend your virtual money how you wish. No one else can determine whether an account number is yours or not unless you tell them explicitly.
  • All transactions are stored securely in a public virtual vault and are recorded appropriately. That way, it's impossible to copy a Bitcoin, create a fake one, or spend someone else’s coins.

Do I need Trading Experience to Use Bitcoin Era’s Software?

Our Bitcoin Era app is incredibly easy to use, so everyone has the opportunity to trade. New traders are going to like the easy-to-use interface, while seasoned traders are going to enjoy the streamlined appearance and focused navigation. Those who have never used a trading app are going to find it easy, safe, and profitable to use ours.

We’re always updating Bitcoin Era to be better and faster. Now, you’ve got new, exciting customizable features. Therefore, you can set up the trading parameters you want, and it is quicker and more straightforward. In fact, our app is designed to be self-explanatory, so you aren’t going to have a problem!

Expert traders are also going to be impressed with Bitcoin Era. Test your ability to trade, find new strategies, and analyze the findings. With us, you can also improve accuracy within the trading market before you make money or use your own funds.

With our Bitcoin Era app, you’ve got autonomous control of your many trading activities through the ‘manual’ mode. ‘Automated’ styles are also available and allow our software to find you the best trades and invest on your behalf (when particular parameters are met).

Is the Bitcoin Era App Complicated to Use for Trading?

Experience is not required for you to trade on our Bitcoin Era app. Also, you can use ours if you’ve never used an application before in your life. You do need to understand how to use a laptop or computer and a smartphone, you can trade through our app.

Our process works a little differently. Instead of buying or selling Bitcoin through an exchange, you trade Contracts for Differences (CFDs). Just make an accurate guess and speculate as best as you can on the current price of Bitcoins. Make money when prices go up or down based on the trade and specific transactions.

How Does this Bitcoin Era App Work?

Our trading software is designed to be comprehensive and automated and exclusively used to trade Bitcoins on the market. Bitcoin Era has won a variety of awards, in part due to the advanced algorithm it uses to access various markets to find out which trading opportunities are best and the most rewarding. This algorithm can compare significant amounts of data, both existing and previous, and then utilizes technical analysis to compare the current market to the historical data.

Bitcoin Era’s algorithm features an advanced design to ensure the analysis of the market is as accurate as possible – between 99.4 percent and 100 percent. It features a time leap (0.01 seconds), so it can tell how the markets are moving and when they should faster than other apps. This gives you the advantage to make trades a split second before others know what is happening. With such precision, you can be sure Bitcoin Era works consistently and is very reliable.

When you use Bitcoin Era, it’s possible to customize your trading parameters. With this functionality, you can set:

  • Strategies to use
  • Risk level you can handle
  • Amount in which to invest
  • Assets you want to trade-in

Inexperienced or new traders might like the automated style. With it, the software does the work for you. Our software searches for all trading opportunities that match your parameters, which you have previously set. Once there is a perfect match, the trade-in is completed in your name.

Manual mode is ideal for experienced traders who want complete control of their trading activities. Choose the method you like best or mix and match throughout your day.

What Results Can I Expect When Using Your Bitcoin Era App?

The earnings you make are proportionate to how much time and effort you utilize on the app. Those who use our software see massive returns, with some people making over $1,500 each day. Our very dedicated members are earning even more than that.

How much you can make depends on how much you desire to earn. There are no limits to your potential to make money through Bitcoin Era. It’s quite straightforward:

  • Investing more trading capital ensures that you make more money.
  • When there are more trading opportunities on the market, and you take part in them, you are going to make more money.
  • Make sure that nothing stops you from attaining the wealth you desire to earn through the Bitcoin Era app.
Thinking Realistically: What’s the Most Amount of Money I Can Make on the App?

The amount of money you can make is limitless. We are going to be honest here, though. Certain factors can affect how much money you make. They can include market volatility, liquidity of the market, and more. At times, this can be slightly limiting, but the market is ever-changing, so things are sure to pick back up.

Our Bitcoin Era algorithm finds and trades any profitable opportunity automatically. However, it is based on the parameters you set initially. This means you don’t miss opportunities that meet your needs. In fact, we have witnessed some members who have become millionaires in just a few short weeks!

Sign up today for Bitcoin Era and tell the world you’ve made up your mind to get rich!

Are There Any Benefits of Using Automation with the Bitcoin Era Software?

In online trading, each second you can gain is a Bitcoin earned. Even a fraction of a second hesitation could force you to make a wrong or illegal trade. Our software helps you have instant, smart, and quick decisions.

The app trades with more accuracy and agility than you can do. Plus, each trade you carry out happens at the best possible moment.

We are humans, and we make decisions based on our emotions. This often leads to traders losing money throughout the process. When that happens, it’s easy to become reckless, throwing money on bad trades and incurring significant losses. With Bitcoin Era, the software operates only on statistics without emotions being involved. Therefore, all trading opportunities are chosen depending on your parameters. No matter what.

In automated mode, the right decisions are automatically made for you. New traders like it, but experienced traders often use it when they want to go out and do other things. It’s always possible to switch between manual and automated mode when it meets your needs.

You no longer have to deal with sleepless nights while trying to analyze the markets because Bitcoin Era does it for you. All you need is a few minutes (up to an hour) each day to set up the parameters.

When the market’s conditions match perfectly with your trading parameters, our app automatically opens the trade in your name. That way, you don’t miss out on important opportunities to trade.

Do You Charge Fees to Join Bitcoin Era?

With Bitcoin Era, the software is free to use.

  • No commissions subtracted
  • No hidden fees
  • You keep every earned Bitcoin
  • Initial investments are yours, as well. Withdraw the initial investment and your profits at any time.

How Can I Get Started with Bitcoin Era?

It just takes two steps to start building wealth with Bitcoin Era.

  • Sign up for an account.
  • Activate it.

To activate the account, you just:

  • Fill out our registration form (it’s short) and submit it.
  • We go over the form and activate your account if everything is in order. This is done automatically, so the process is quick.
  • You now fund the account with at least $250 (or more), and have the trading capital you need. The money is in your name.
  • All of the money you use to fund your account is yours. We aren’t going to take money from you – ever. Start making profits and withdraw the entire amount (even the initial capital) anytime you desire to do so.
How Many Hours Must I Put in on Here Every Day?

The best advantage of using Bitcoin Era over other apps is that all market analyses are automatically conducted. Don’t stay up throughout the night trying to figure it all out yourself. Spend that time sleeping, and then spend time with the family the next day after setting the parameters.

Bitcoin Era is designed to trade for you, but you need to set up the parameters for it to work correctly. To do this:

  • Find cryptocurrencies and assets that you want to trade.
  • Choose the amount of money you want to invest for each trade that day.
  • Pick a risk level for what you desire the software to purchase.
  • Select the strategies that the software should use on your behalf.

Our Bitcoin Era software does it all for you on your command!

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